1990s wedding veil

My wedding veil and some thoughts on the 90s bride

One November 2013 evening (o-em-gee, the wedding was getting closer!) as my mom and I scrolled through veils on Pinterest, I said to her,

“I saw this adorable idea on a wedding blog. They suggested brides gather all the bows and ribbon from the bridal shower and use them as a bouquet at the rehearsal. Wouldn’t that be original?”

Mom smiled at the thought back in time.

“Oh, I know that one. It’s been a tradition at least since your grandma got married.”

Ha! My mom let me in on a bit of reality about some of these clever ideas I’d been reading that are really not new.

While planning my wedding, I searched for the perfect balance of modern originality (see my post with some trendy centerpieces http://wp.me/p3DajE-4X) and vintage looks worthy of Daisy Buchanan herself. I hailed everything I saw on Pinterest as novel or new. A lot of these ideas came from somewhere.

So, how long have people been brewing hot cocoa in their crock pots anyway?

In my ignorance, I forgot to ask my mother what long-standing traditions our family ought to remember. My wedding aesthetic plans took a turn that night. They transformed from just picking out the best clippings from my Bride’s magazine to something personal.

In the process of making a meaningful aesthetic, I started to lean toward the “90’s Bride”. I did not realize what I was doing until about halfway through and I was comparing two very different veils I wanted to make. On one hand, I had a Pin of a minimalist layer of tulle held down by a flower wreath.


It was simple, modern

And quite woodland fairy if you ask me.

Or this:

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Wedding Seating Chart: Tuxedo Style

creative wedding seating chart

Mom and The Explorer made my wedding seating chart with paper cutouts and poster board. I wanted a single board instead of an army of escort cards. Their tuxedo design came out beautifully. Each table was printed on the surrounding white papers with the table name, number, and guests.

The tuxedo design was made with:

printed lists of guests and table numbers on the perimeter,

ivory scrap book paper cut in rectangles and triangles for the shirt and collar,

ivory ribbon tied in a bow,

craft “gems” and glue,

one black poster board.

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wedding table numbers

Wedding Table Numbers with Photoshop

Hooray! Present-Day-Hubby and I are married, we had beautiful wedding, and a fun honeymoon road trip. Now that we are (mostly) settled in our apartment in Memphis, I have time to post our wedding crafts.

Here are our wedding table numbers. Along with a number, I named each table after a place that was significant to Hubby and I. I ‘painted’ illustrations with a Wacom Bamboo tablet in Photoshop. I printed the numbers on basic printer paper and placed them inside my DIY Blinged Out Photo Frames. Continue reading

OhMiGosh! I’m getting married in less than 24 hours!!! Pimp my step ladder.

OhMiGosh! I'm getting married in less than 24 hours!!! Pimp my step ladder.

I haven’t had time to put anything online. My excuse for everything in life has been “I’m getting married in [a week, few days, tomorrow…]

Here’s a nice picture of my step stool which Mom insists I need in order for Future-Hubby and I to properly cut our cake. I told Mom I will use a step ladder only if it’s spectacular. This is what happened when The Explorer, my maid-of-honor sister, pimped my step ladder!

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gamer wedding favors

Gamer Wedding Favors

Future-Honey Bunny’s and my dice wedding favors are based on something significant to us: playing games.

Each guest gets two dice and instructions to a simple dice rolling game to play at their tables. The dice rolling at the tables may or may not turn chaotic during dinner, but the idea is interactive and very affordable. Continue reading to see exactly what I bought. Continue reading

DIY sparkly photo frames

DIY Sparkly Wedding Photo Frames

This Fall 2013, TheKnot.com is trending cute picture frames numbering reception tables, providing cake flavor info, and even giving instructions to sign the guest book (sign our guest book, please!). As info-graphic-y as it may all seem, I think frames are a cute way to display all info and adds continuity throughout the reception room if all frames match. Frames are cozier than tall table number picks. I like the subtle intimacy of home when I see anything in a photo frame (even menu options). These frames are going to hold my table numbers. Read on for my DIY frame craft. Continue reading