1990s wedding veil

My wedding veil and some thoughts on the 90s bride

One November 2013 evening (o-em-gee, the wedding was getting closer!) as my mom and I scrolled through veils on Pinterest, I said to her,

“I saw this adorable idea on a wedding blog. They suggested brides gather all the bows and ribbon from the bridal shower and use them as a bouquet at the rehearsal. Wouldn’t that be original?”

Mom smiled at the thought back in time.

“Oh, I know that one. It’s been a tradition at least since your grandma got married.”

Ha! My mom let me in on a bit of reality about some of these clever ideas I’d been reading that are really not new.

While planning my wedding, I searched for the perfect balance of modern originality (see my post with some trendy centerpieces http://wp.me/p3DajE-4X) and vintage looks worthy of Daisy Buchanan herself. I hailed everything I saw on Pinterest as novel or new. A lot of these ideas came from somewhere.

So, how long have people been brewing hot cocoa in their crock pots anyway?

In my ignorance, I forgot to ask my mother what long-standing traditions our family ought to remember. My wedding aesthetic plans took a turn that night. They transformed from just picking out the best clippings from my Bride’s magazine to something personal.

In the process of making a meaningful aesthetic, I started to lean toward the “90’s Bride”. I did not realize what I was doing until about halfway through and I was comparing two very different veils I wanted to make. On one hand, I had a Pin of a minimalist layer of tulle held down by a flower wreath.


It was simple, modern

And quite woodland fairy if you ask me.

Or this:

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necktie refashion

Necktie T-Shirt Re-Fashion

necktie refashion

My final result

This necktie refashion is the first sewing project I made off of a Pinterest search. I have been collecting ideas and patterns since 2010 when I made a mini skirt out of ties. Looking for patterns became sort of an obsession since. I love the sophistication that goes with updating men’s fashions for women. This project came from a tutorial by Mckell’s Closet titled Ruffle Necktie Tee Tutorial. Continue reading