Rose’s Tip # 10, Usagi’s Cleaning Tip: Zest your garbage disposal with citrus

Wedges of pink grapefruit, lime, and lemon, an...

Wedges of pink grapefruit, lime, and lemon, and a half orange (clockwise from top) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My sister-in-law is a very good house cleaner. Her slightly phobic nature is a virtue in the home. She likes things that are safe and doesn’t like things that are a known hazard. Usagi and I are kindred spirits; we both watch Sailor Moon and refuse to eat food with fake sugar. I can go on and on about the dangers of artificial sugars. Usagi has already saved my husband and I from my undoing several times.

So, to the point, Usagi’s most recent tip: My kitchen garbage disposal, which was starting to stink, smells like lime now.

Squeeze some extra juice from your citrus fruits into your garbage disposal to keep it smelling fresh.

Furthermore, don’t waste food: if you have citrus fruits, like lemon, lime, or orange, that are not good anymore, chop it into bits and grind it down the disposal. It will freshen your drain and make use out of food that otherwise went bad.

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Rose’s Tip of the Day #3: Dishes and laundry never end

Keep the mentality that dishes never end. If you expect to see an end to your dirty dishes, you will be disappointed, your dishes will pile up, and your sink will look like my college apartment sink. You don’t want your sink to look like my college sink. Same with laundry; there is no end to laundry. Fold it before it wrinkles. You don’t want wrinkled laundry because you will have to iron your wrinkled laundry. Avoid having to iron your laundry.

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