Halloween 2014

peter and lois griffin

presents under halloween tree

Usagi’s Halloween Tree

decorating halloween tree

halloween tree

Who said trees are just for Christmas? Usagi passionately loves all things Halloween. Everything from cute to macabre, she embraces it. Usagi decorated her home from top to bottom in Halloween decor with a “Halloween Tree” as her focal point.

decorating halloween treedecorating halloween tree


halloween nail art

Easy Halloween Nails and some tricks that are a real treat

For Halloween season, I completed my first ever successful “nail art”. This design is the easiest one I could find. All you need is the right polish colors and a dotting tool. Instead of buying an item marketed for nail art, I used a kebab skewer. My hand is not the most coördinated at fine painting, I went for the simple. My only real challenge was waiting for my nails to dry. I used some principles from my Pin on my Nails board: 27 nail polish tricks which links to a list on Buzzfeed.com. The design came from a Pin on my Nails board as well. Continue reading

Halloween “Fruit Pumpkins”

To celebrate Halloween, I assembled “fruit pumpkins” from my Halloween board to bring to choir rehearsal. My church’s choir likes to make a party full of snacks out of our fifteen minute break. This tradition started years ago with our alto section leader and lives on. I chose to make something cute and clever.

This is a no-cook, no-bake recipe. It is all assembly, so much that I would almost rather call it a “craft”. The pin is labeled as Healthy Halloween Snacks on my Halloween board. The pin leads to a long website list of Halloween ideas, only twenty-five percent of which are snacks.

My choir friends were delighted.

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