unicorn and rainbow dessert table

Unicorn and Rainbows Birthday Party (for a grown up)

When I was a child, my birthday was the best holiday of the year. I loved having something to plan for, especially when I got to do all the choosing. I loved my birthday so much, that I talked at my mom about it for most of the year. After my birthday was over in September, my mom had about five months of peace until Valentines Day. As soon as Valentines Day was over (I liked planning our Valentines Day party), my birthday was “coming up” in September and I was “almost” nine.

I mostly grew out of my birthday obsession habit. I am an adult now and I have more important things to focus on during the year than my next birthday party. I grew up so much that I only get excited about my birthday ONE MONTH in advance! I don’t think I can get any better than that.

On Pinterest, I found a recipe for unicorn poop. Looking up unicorns on Pinterest, you will be accosted with all forms of unicorn bodily functions. The internet is filled with unicorn poo, farts, and barf… But, do not fear, only good things can come from a unicorn. This is why unicorns fart rainbows and poop cookies. Continue reading


Lego Back Splash Progress: Take 1, April 2014

This is only the beginning of a grander project than anyone can for see…

Lego kitchen back splash

I am building up my kitchen wall with a Lego back splash! This may take months, years, even a decade to finish. My favorite want-list item, when I’m not pining for Sailor Moon manga, is more Lego bricks. All bricks I collect, sans any builder set I may indulge in, will go directly to the kitchen wall. That is, until Hubby and I have children. That is another story… Continue reading

gamer wedding favors

Gamer Wedding Favors

Future-Honey Bunny’s and my dice wedding favors are based on something significant to us: playing games.

Each guest gets two dice and instructions to a simple dice rolling game to play at their tables. The dice rolling at the tables may or may not turn chaotic during dinner, but the idea is interactive and very affordable. Continue reading to see exactly what I bought. Continue reading