Pinterest Inspired Necktie Trim on a Camisole

My favorite material to upcycle with is a handsome silk tie. Currently, my favorite technique is trimming a top with an alternative neckline; this is the second neckline I have trimmed with a neck tie.

I had wanted to do a craft from one of my Pinterest boards for a while, but needed one that requires minimal shopping. This re-fashion was my best fit because I have a small stash of ties left over from “the great tie skirt sewing project of 2009” (Shall I share pictures? You tell me.) and a camisole that I don’t wear often as is. The only materials I bought were a spool of thread (because I ran out of my color mid-crafting) and a button embellishment. For me, this craft cost less than five dollars. Continue reading


Mom and Dad’s Garden: Reused Wheel Barrow Planter

I wrote in my earlier post that I visited my family in California and shared pictures from the trip. One of my highlights was seeing my previous home and Mom and Dad’s garden, especially because the garden is the greenest I have seen it in a long time. Mom and Dad have some nice features in their back yard that I grew up with and would like to share.

Dad’s wheel barrow planter: Continue reading