Day 1 of Memphis Comics and Fantasy Con

On the first day of the con, I cosplayed Death, literature’s friendliest grim reaper from my favorite comic series, The Sandman, by Neil Gaiman.

Death summons you.

Death summons you.

unikitty benny cosplay

Lego Cosplay – And my review on Midsouth Con 32

For our annual con-going experience, Hubble and I attended Mid South Con 32 in March 2014. We cosplayed as Unikitty and Benny, characters from The Lego Movie. I became something of a Lego nerd since seeing The Lego Movie. We got a bit obsessed, in fact. We now drink out of all eight of these regularly:

lego cups

Lego happy meal cups

Here are pictures of us in the gaming room. We played a three-hour board game! Tip: if you want to be comfortable in your costume all day/night or during a three hour game, don’t wear grease paint. It’s itchy and icky. I’d stay away from any face paint in general and use real make up in bright colors. I really don’t like bad textures on my face.

unikitty benny lego cosplay


Make sure your husband’s space helmet allows him to see from his periphery. If you skip that detail, he will still look cute, but you will have to assist him in turning around corners. Despite poor vision, Hubbernaut enjoyed himself, saying “Spaceship!” to unsuspecting passersby.

unikitty benny lego cosplay

Everything is AWESOME!

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