Cast of Characters

If reading my posts left you confused wondering who’s who, what’s what, and how I know these people with all their weird names, you came to the right page.

To protect the identities and social status of the people in my life, I came up with some nice pet names so no potential employer or stalker-ish acquaintance can associate any one of them with my publicized antics. Also, pet names are fun.

Here’s the cast of characters:

Hubby, Hubble, Hubbly Bubbly, Hubster, or any other variation of Husband: My husband

The Explorer: my sister. She’s an engineer, environmentalist, and rock climber. She explores.

Mom: my mom

Dad: my dad

Mom-in-Law: my mother-in-law

Steve: My twelve-going-on-thirteen year old nephew who likes Minecraft more than I will ever know how to


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