Lol Cat Burfdae Partee


Dis is Moonlight here. I haz taken over Allieeee’z blog, mewhahaha! We threw Usagi an Lol Cat burfdae partee. Allieee and frends halped, but it waz really meee. We ate cheez burgrs and I can haz’d too. Evrey 1 had fun and played gaemz, but I hid cuz Im a cat.

Cat party sign.

All the cool cats were invited.


All mah cat fwiends on da Lol Wall.

dj station

DJ Cat made a speshul cat play list with moozack frum Andew Lloyd Webber’s “Cats” and other cat songz.


Now we all know where teh baffroom iz.

dining roomCat partyIMG_0056

invisible party food.

Sum of our partee food was only here in spirit. I tried. Yum.

We haz'd cheezburgrs.

We haz’d cheezburgrs.

IMG_0054 IMG_0055 Lol Cat Begging

Pleez giv mee foodz, pleez!

cat cake

Teh cake caem out purrfect if I do say so mahself, meow. The cat shape was made by using an 8×8 square pan and one box of Duncan Hines Lemon Supreme cake mix. Remove the cake from the pan onto a plate, cut out an upside down trapezoid at the top of the cake to make an ear shape. I used strawberry icing, black piping icing, and Sweet Tarts.

Usagi’s Special Tip: Heat the icing in the microwave for 5 seconds for a smoother application. Chill the cake in the fridge until party time so the icing does not proceed to melt off.

Lol Cat Birthday

Teh burfdae cat is a happy cat.



presents under halloween tree

Usagi’s Halloween Tree

decorating halloween tree

halloween tree

Who said trees are just for Christmas? Usagi passionately loves all things Halloween. Everything from cute to macabre, she embraces it. Usagi decorated her home from top to bottom in Halloween decor with a “Halloween Tree” as her focal point.

decorating halloween treedecorating halloween tree


unicorn and rainbow dessert table

Unicorn and Rainbows Birthday Party (for a grown up)

When I was a child, my birthday was the best holiday of the year. I loved having something to plan for, especially when I got to do all the choosing. I loved my birthday so much, that I talked at my mom about it for most of the year. After my birthday was over in September, my mom had about five months of peace until Valentines Day. As soon as Valentines Day was over (I liked planning our Valentines Day party), my birthday was “coming up” in September and I was “almost” nine.

I mostly grew out of my birthday obsession habit. I am an adult now and I have more important things to focus on during the year than my next birthday party. I grew up so much that I only get excited about my birthday ONE MONTH in advance! I don’t think I can get any better than that.

On Pinterest, I found a recipe for unicorn poop. Looking up unicorns on Pinterest, you will be accosted with all forms of unicorn bodily functions. The internet is filled with unicorn poo, farts, and barf… But, do not fear, only good things can come from a unicorn. This is why unicorns fart rainbows and poop cookies. Continue reading

buggy garden bento lunch

Buggy Garden Bento

My next installment in this late night bento series is a buggy garden bento inspired by several pins on my “Eat – Bento and Food Art” pin board.

buggy garden bento lunch

I used Pins of these links:

Hubb’s lunch consisted of:

  • last night’s lasagna (right, underneath everything)
  • seaweed (under everything on the left)
  • a bed of lettuce (left, you can’t see it under the seaweed, but it raises add volume)
  • apple – 2 disk shape slices
  • peanut butter
  • one celery stick
  • 2 radishes
  • 1 slice sandwich bread for one flower shape sandwich
    • peanut butter and jelly

Tools I used:

  • Lego bento box
  • small paring knife – celery and radishes
  • small/medium serrated knife – apple
  • Pop Chef flower shape cutter – peanut butter & jelly sandwich
  • large bubble tea straw – hole in middle of sandwich
  • a Ziploc bag with a hole in the corner – to squeeze out peanut butter
  • the power of imagination

What I do when the moon is out: Most of a Lunar Landing Bento (and a simple sandwich that is Husband Approved)

Staying home a lot causes me to suffer from an off-kilter sleep pattern. It also allows me to do things employed people usually don’t have as much time to do, like get the home sparkling clean (If I were so disciplined), sew ties onto camisoles, and make my husband’s lunch after he goes to sleep.

I really need employment. As fun as late night crafting and cleaning is, the routine of a real job will cure my late night habits*, make me a healthier person, and contribute to our financial goals. I have been putting in job applications every day. In the mean time, the result of my madness: very cute bento lunches.

To motivate myself to send Hubble with home-prepared food, I like to stay up late on Pinterest (I have a board for this) and seek pictures of cute food, and I make his lunch pretty. It is arguable that I primarily do this to entertain myself. But, at least am serving a greater purpose planning Honey’s lunch than looking at any more unicorns ‘n rainbows birthday party ideas (It is still August and my birthday bash is fully planned! I have been this giddy about National Alison Day since I knew what a birthday was. Pictures and how-to’s coming after this September 29.) Also, he gets major props at work for having such a sweet wife ^_^

The bento: Continue reading

Pinterest Inspired Necktie Trim on a Camisole

My favorite material to upcycle with is a handsome silk tie. Currently, my favorite technique is trimming a top with an alternative neckline; this is the second neckline I have trimmed with a neck tie.

I had wanted to do a craft from one of my Pinterest boards for a while, but needed one that requires minimal shopping. This re-fashion was my best fit because I have a small stash of ties left over from “the great tie skirt sewing project of 2009” (Shall I share pictures? You tell me.) and a camisole that I don’t wear often as is. The only materials I bought were a spool of thread (because I ran out of my color mid-crafting) and a button embellishment. For me, this craft cost less than five dollars. Continue reading