[Write a List]

The grass is greener right where I am.

I am mystified at how some people seem so healthy. Living well is a lot of work, and certain people make it look easy. I once wrote a concise schedule on how to live my every day of the week. According to the schedule, I know when to tend to my cats, wash my hair, my work availability, and when to sleep and wake. Some days tell me when to work on my projects, and others tell me when to exercise. I have never followed my schedule perfectly since the day I wrote it. My big idea is that I will be a healthy person when I follow the schedule.

Healthy people do well in school. Some of them earn college degrees. I want to be one of the healthy people with a college degree and a rewarding job. School has never been easy for me. College presents its own special challenge. In a previous post, I said that I failed three of my classes last semester. That was true until I achieved W’s through a retroactive withdrawal on terms of depression.

I have chronic depression. I value health so much because I often lack just that: mental health. I don’t know how much control I have over whether or I am going to get depressed. But, I want to gain more control over my moods and how my mental health is going to affect my education. In order to grow as a student, I must make changes to my attitude and habits.

My favorite method of organization is list making. Here is a list of things I will do differently in order to live like all the healthy people and perform well school:

  1. Obey a schedule.
  2. Study.
  3. Use a tutor
  4. Use a tape recorder for lectures.
  5. Bring unprocessed food on campus for lunch or snack.
  6. Go to all DRS appointments.
  7. Treat solo studying as an assignment with a due date.
  8. Retype all notes in a One Note journal.
  9. Whenever an academic problem arises, notify the appropriate professional: professor, DRS, therapist.
  10. Count down days until final.
  11. Limit time in Alumni Mall lounge.
  12. Make time for Alumni Mall lounge.
  13. Write more lists.
  14. Treat self-care routines as ceremony.
  15. Make looking at planner a morning and evening ceremony.
  16. Remember the grass is greener right where I am.
  17. Make positive self talk.
  18. Do not self deprecate out loud.
  19. Do not “explain” or “justify” self out loud.
  20. Praise a job well done.
  21. Treat projects and assignments as professional work for now is portfolio building time.
  22.  Keep home clean. Have a few parties in order to keep home clean.
  23. Re-read this list frequently.




One thought on “[Write a List]

  1. Venise says:

    I loved numbers 11 and 12 because they caused an inner giggle of guilt for myself but also understanding what you meant. My version would be: 11) Limit time on Pinterest / 12) Make time for Pinterest. 🙂


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