unicorn and rainbow dessert table

Unicorn and Rainbows Birthday Party (for a grown up)

When I was a child, my birthday was the best holiday of the year. I loved having something to plan for, especially when I got to do all the choosing. I loved my birthday so much, that I talked at my mom about it for most of the year. After my birthday was over in September, my mom had about five months of peace until Valentines Day. As soon as Valentines Day was over (I liked planning our Valentines Day party), my birthday was “coming up” in September and I was “almost” nine.

I mostly grew out of my birthday obsession habit. I am an adult now and I have more important things to focus on during the year than my next birthday party. I grew up so much that I only get excited about my birthday ONE MONTH in advance! I don’t think I can get any better than that.

On Pinterest, I found a recipe for unicorn poop. Looking up unicorns on Pinterest, you will be accosted with all forms of unicorn bodily functions. The internet is filled with unicorn poo, farts, and barf… But, do not fear, only good things can come from a unicorn. This is why unicorns fart rainbows and poop cookies.

This magical awesomeness had to manifest itself into a party. If it was that last thing I do, I was going to have a unicorns and rainbows party with unicorn poo on the menu to celebrate my 25th year of immaturity. I had my party fully drawn out in a notebook and planned by the beginning of September. I spent the better part of the month experiencing a quarter life crisis while making the best Unicorns and Rainbows birthday party ever a reality.


Here: have a copy of my party invitation.

unicorn invitation

Print this image first, then turn paper over and print the second image.

unicorn invitation

After printing the first image, turn paper over and print this image.

To set the party mood, we first watched episode one of Charlie the Unicorn, a mini series on YouTube about an irritable unicorn named Charlie who goes on an adventure with his annoying unicorn friends.

charlie the unicorn

We played Travel Pictionary for our party game. Travel Pictionary is a riotous combination of pictionary and telephone that is a classic within my family. I desperately wanted to add “unicorn horn ring toss” to the night’s games by playing ring toss with the party hats we were going to wear on our heads. Hubby turned down the idea on claims that our crowd is too old for that sort of thing. Whether or not my friends and family are too old for unicorn games, they all were good enough sports to wear my DIY unicorn horns. Thus, for the first time in my life, I felt old. Please don’t be afraid to play unicorn horn ring toss at your next unicorn theme birthday party for grown ups, and send me pictures to prove it!

unicorn party

Unicorns, assemble! Do these people really look too old for unicorn ring toss?

The party playlist included:

I Was Born (A Unicorn) – The Unicorns

Unicorn – “Weird Al” Yankovich

Space Unicorn – Parry Gripp

Unicorn – Bill Anderson

Unicorn – Brian Slade

and tunes from the soundtracks from Legend and The Last Unicorn.

IMG_0192 IMG_0219 IMG_0243

The enormous rainbow in our living room was inspired by Color Wheel Ceiling at Housing a Forest. Except, I did not find it in my finances to buy enough crêpe paper to circle my entire living room. Also, as good of an idea it is to use a hula hoop, I don’t have a ceiling fan, but I do have a hook conveniently placed in the ceiling right in the middle of my living room. We have several of these hooks. I believe the previous tenants had a hanging garden.

IMG_0228    IMG_0273

My unicorn poster is made on cardboard with acrylic paint, a wide felt tip marker in black, and a touch of glitter glue. The rainbow dots garland is gift wrap tissue cut into double-sided dots and a chord. I got the idea from DIY Tissue Garland at Land of Nod. They have a nice tutorial.

unicorn horns

Unicorn horns are easy. Take apart a normal birthday hat and re-staple it narrower.

IMG_0367group in front of window

Window size decor makes a great instant photo setting.


The cake at this party made me want a cake like hers. So I made a cut-out unicorn topper.

Save an image of a unicorn silhouette. Place the silhouette in Photoshop and color with a rainbow wash. Print the image and glue to another piece of paper for stiffness. Let it dry completely. With a mat board and precision knife, cut out the unicorn very carefully. Glue two toothpicks to the back of your unicorn to make a cake topper.

The Menu:

The cake: Shirley Temple Cupcake converted to a cake

Unicorn Poop: The original unicorn poop recipe. Not only a good recipe, but a fun read.

Charlie’s Frickin’ Kidney Bean Salad: Unicorn Poop Salad


Unicorn Bacon: Rainbow Sour Belts candy

Unicorn Horns: Bugles


Unicorn Tears: Various drinks

Magical Unicorn Transformation Potion:


7 up

Maraschino cherries and juice

Rainbow Sherbet Ice Cream

Lucky Charms marshmallows

I had a fantastic birthday party. I never felt so old and young at once in my life. Remember, you are only young once, but unicorns and rainbows last forever.

Most of my party features are inspired by pins on my Pinterest board Celebr8 – Unicorns & Rainbows.


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