What I do when the moon is out: Most of a Lunar Landing Bento (and a simple sandwich that is Husband Approved)

Staying home a lot causes me to suffer from an off-kilter sleep pattern. It also allows me to do things employed people usually don’t have as much time to do, like get the home sparkling clean (If I were so disciplined), sew ties onto camisoles, and make my husband’s lunch after he goes to sleep.

I really need employment. As fun as late night crafting and cleaning is, the routine of a real job will cure my late night habits*, make me a healthier person, and contribute to our financial goals. I have been putting in job applications every day. In the mean time, the result of my madness: very cute bento lunches.

To motivate myself to send Hubble with home-prepared food, I like to stay up late on Pinterest (I have a board for this) and seek pictures of cute food, and I make his lunch pretty. It is arguable that I primarily do this to entertain myself. But, at least am serving a greater purpose planning Honey’s lunch than looking at any more unicorns ‘n rainbows birthday party ideas (It is still August and my birthday bash is fully planned! I have been this giddy about National Alison Day since I knew what a birthday was. Pictures and how-to’s coming after this September 29.) Also, he gets major props at work for having such a sweet wife ^_^

The bento:

I used a how-to article from Spoonful.com, Click here to go to tutorial, to make a lunar landing lunch because outer space is cool. I got to do everything except the astronaut because I didn’t have any marshmallows in my pantry that midnight, hence “most of” in the title. I want make it again because the astronaut is the best part.

I used my own very basic sandwich recipe. Honey actually mentioned that he liked the sandwich. I think it was the pepper I put on the mayo.

Hubby got lots of compliments from his coworkers.

Hubby got lots of compliments from his coworkers.


Romaine lettuce (a bed of lettuce under everything)

Grapes (they look kind of like the night sky to me.)

Colby Jack cheese (stars)

Blue Dum Dum lollipop (american stars; it was the only edible blue thing in the house!)

Red Delicious apple (american stripes)

Carrot sliced like matchsticks (it’s easy to DIY)

Swiss cheese (rounded like a moon, and one rectangular USA flag)

Husband Approved Turkey sandwich:

Rosemary and Olive Oil Foldit artisan flatbreads by Flat Out

Turkey lunch meat

Swiss cheese

Romaine lettuce

Mayonnaisse (spread inside both flat breads)

Ground black pepper (sprinkled on the mayonaisse)

*To any potential employer who has Googled me: I had very good attendance in my past jobs.


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