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San Diego Puppetry Business Trip #2: The Crane Maiden.

I recently came back from my second “business trip” in the mild California climate to perform puppet shows with my mom, Millie Patterson, at the Marie Hitchcock Puppet Theater in San Diego.

My last trip was in April when we performed Peter Rabbit. We totally monetized off of the Easter season, and I do feel a bit guilty for that. But, bunnies sell well in April.

This summer, I flew to California again to perform The Crane Maiden. This show is extra special because I actually co-produced this show.  My creative influences can be found in the anime references and aesthetic.

Along the way, I documented everything I did, from breaking puppets backstage during rehearsal, selfies with my parent’s cats, to the Comic Con signs I saw as I left San Diego right at the beginning of the convention madness. I saw cosplayers carrying props in the airports. I so wished to be part of the fun!

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