our new plastic pitcher

Rose’s Tip of the Day #11: Southern Sweet Tea Brews Hot

Did you know that to make iced sweet tea, you have to brew it hot first before chilling it? It sounds intuitive, brew tea so everything steeps and dissolves first. This is news to me.

On a beautiful So Cal day, when the sky is clear and the sun is hot, my mom likes to brew “sun tea” in her back yard. Add tea bags, water, and desired amount (or lack thereof) sugar to a glass pitcher and let it steep in the sun for a few hours. After your tea steeps, chill it in the refrigerator.

I, therefore, believed that all iced tea was made by a mild chilling process because “sun tea” never gets too hot. I learned otherwise when Uhg made loud noises of frustration from the kitchen while making iced sweet tea. “I didn’t cool the iced tea long enough!”

Hot tea steamed from our cooking pot, the counter and floor, and what used to be our fancy glass pitcher. Literally, Mr. Husband held the pitcher bowl and handle in one hand, and the base sat on the counter.

I will tell you, unashamed, one of my virtues. I usually don’t get angry if you accidentally break my things or spill on me. Usually, all I want to do is calm down my upset friend and help clean.

Mr. Husband was so upset that he broke our fancy glass pitcher. I felt sorry for him as his upset had certainly punished him more than enough. He clearly didn’t mean to break it and cared enough for me and the pitcher to regret it. I love my Honey Bunny more than I love glass pitchers.

I was rather disappointed, though. I liked that pitcher; it was a wedding gift. Over the course of the next two days we cleaned the counters, drawers, behind our fridge, and replaced our pitcher with a less breakable plastic pitcher from Wal-Mart. Now, I have “fancy glass pitcher” on my wish list.

So, Rose’s Tips:

1. Sweet tea is made by boiling water, tea, and sugar first before chilling it.

2. Cool your hot liquids before pouring into glass. Physics, people!

3. Help clean up and be nice to your friends/family if they spill or break your things. If they already regret it, there’s no use in making sure they understand.

4. I prefer glass and ceramic dishes over plastic any day. Glass doesn’t have the potentially cancerous materials found in plastic and I doubt it breaks down the way plastic does. We bought a new pitcher that says BPA Free on the tag, so I’m putting my trust in it. But, how can I prove it? I’m no chemist. Invest in glass when you can.

To our friends who gave us the fancy glass pitcher: Thank you for the pitcher. We enjoyed tea and Kool-Aid in your glass pitcher several times before “the big sweet tea fiasco of 2014” and will remember you when we use our new plastic pitcher.

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