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Washi What? Three Washi Tape Frame Ideas

IMG_0017Previously, I posted my first washi craft, Washi Tape Bookshelf: covering wood damage with washi tape. I loved how washi tape made my beat up book shelf look new.

Another great thing about crafting with washi tape is how non-committal it is. It has light stickiness and is easy to remove. As a renter, I used washi tape to tape pictures on my walls to avoid more holes that I would have to spackle over later. Also, a lot of frames add up in cost. Tape and paper cut down on part of framing costs.

In this post, I am sharing my use of washi tape to frame pictures.

My three crafts are:

Photo Grid taped to the walls inspired by A Beautiful Mess
No-Contact Corners
Decorating Picture Frames with Washi Tape

Photo Grid taped to the walls inspired by A Beautiful Mess:

a beautiful mess instagram     washi photo grid

When I saw A Beautiful Mess’s tutorial, “How I made my Instagram Wall”, (result pictured on the left) I wanted one of own. Elsie’s grid concept helped my to figure out what to do with some engagement pictures I needed a place for (on the right). It’s a kind of awesome coincidence that we both have pianos against yellow walls; this kindred craft was waiting to happen.

No-Contact Corners:

washi tape frame   washi tape frame

In order to protect my paper art prints from sticky tape, I made triangular inserts out of paper to tape art on the wall without actually touching the paper to the tape. As non-committal as washi tape is on walls, I don’t trust it to come off without tearing the paper a bit. These art prints, especially the print on the right which is nice paper, are special to me and semi-irreplaceable as they all came directly from their respective artists.

Decorating Picture Frames with Washi Tape:

I had some plain plastic frames I used for wedding pictures on our living room “decoration shelf”. The frames however, look as cheap as the must have once cost. Low cost things are great, but my frames were lacking. With a bit of tape, I added a DIY border that looks cute and turns “cheap” to “thrifty”.

washi tape frames

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