mustache silk dyed easter egg

Sophisticated Mr. Mustache Silk Tie Easter Eggs

Easter eggs that look like men’s neckties are sophisticated. Easter eggs that look like men’s neckties and that can grow full mustaches are handsomer and even more sophisticated.

silk tie egg silk tie egg

Dye eggs wrapped in 100% silk ties. There are too many good tutorials on the internet for me to need to add another one. Here is a link to the tutorial I used: Silk-Dyed Eggs {aka TIE-Dyed!} by Our Best Bites. It’s also on my pin board, Seasonal – Easter.

Draw handsome mustaches on black construction paper, or color your paper with a black Sharpie like I did. Cut out mustaches.


Paste mustaches to eggs. Hide them in the fridge.


Note: Please don’t eat eggs that are dyed in silk ties. The chemicals used to color clothing are not food safe and are likely to penetrate the shells a bit. I wish I had known that before I made hard-boiled eggs, or I would have blown out the yolk. This craft is best done with blown out egg shells or artificial eggs of something porous, like ceramic or wood. This article scared me out of eating (or letting my husband eat) the eggs. But, they are too pretty to eat anyway.


My eggs go with my outfit. I used scraps from the ties I made this skirt with to dye my eggs.


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