washi tape

Washi Tape Bookshelf: covering wood damage with washi tape

Washi tape has sparked my imagination in my efforts in home decorating for cheap. With all the creative ideas online, I have more projects I want to do than I can probably afford in tape. With all of the cute prints and colors, I want to tape up my entire home!

Deutsch: Japanisches Reispapierklbeband - Wash...

Deutsch: Japanisches Reispapierklbeband – Washi-Tape (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Wa-shi” means Japanese-paper. The tape is paper with a light amount of stickiness, slightly stickier than masking tape. Washi tape is a great material for easy home decorating. It is easy to remove from walls, so it is a good decoration for renters*.  Popular uses include taping pictures to walls and wall papering geometric designs. It comes in decorative colors and prints. The selection is endless. Washi tape can be found at craft stores and from online retailers.

*Then, one day I pulled some tape off my wall and this happened!washi accident

A few weeks ago I found this bookshelf abandoned near the dumpsters in my apartment complex. It now functions as a game shelf. We previously kept all of our games in the closet. Keeping the games out in the open makes them more accessible and more likely to be played with.

washi tape

The edges of the wood on the shelf were pretty badly beaten up. The wood finish was peeling from rain damage. It looked easy to fix.

washi tape washi tape

I peeled off any flaking wood that I could. And covered all edges with washi tape. The tape covered the damage perfectly and sticks well too.

washi tape

washi tape washi tape

The tape was a little too narrow for shelf edges, so I lined the tape with a second strip and folded the extra tape under to the bottom of the shelf, taking car to line the pattern evenly.

washi tape

washi tape


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