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Washi What? Three Washi Tape Frame Ideas

IMG_0017Previously, I posted my first washi craft, Washi Tape Bookshelf: covering wood damage with washi tape. I loved how washi tape made my beat up book shelf look new.

Another great thing about crafting with washi tape is how non-committal it is. It has light stickiness and is easy to remove. As a renter, I used washi tape to tape pictures on my walls to avoid more holes that I would have to spackle over later. Also, a lot of frames add up in cost. Tape and paper cut down on part of framing costs.

In this post, I am sharing my use of washi tape to frame pictures.

My three crafts are:

Photo Grid taped to the walls inspired by A Beautiful Mess
No-Contact Corners
Decorating Picture Frames with Washi Tape

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Rose’s Tip of the Day #9: Airport Security

For an easier process through airport security:

1. Wear slip-on shoes. Slip on shoes make a huge difference.

2. Be prepared for the laptop routine. When putting your items through the scanner, take your laptop or other large electronic device out of its case and put each item in its own tray. Airports always require you to do that.

3. Is your name on your ticket different from your name on your license because you just got married and US social security is so slow? Cool, I’m not the only one. It’s going to be okay. Just take your marriage license to show the security officer.

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Peter Rabbit Music Video

I am on a business trip! This is what I have been doing all week, puppet shows in San Diego with Millie Patterson, Weaver’s Tales (my mom). We are performing Peter Rabbit, adapted for the stage and built by Enid Bartniki.

Our friend, Nicole, made this awesome super-short music video trailer for Peter

Rabbit. She has more puppet show music videos, as well as other content, on her YouTube channel at http://www.youtube.com/user/newnightmare

For more puppet show scheduling and information, please visit the Marie Hitchcock Puppet Theater at http://www.balboaparkpuppets.com

If you are traveling to San Diego with children or just a penchant for child-friendly entertainment, the Marie Hitchcock Puppet Theater is a great spot to check out. They have live shows every week on Wednesday through Sunday. I will be back to perform The Crane Maiden in June 2014.

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washi tape

Washi Tape Bookshelf: covering wood damage with washi tape

Washi tape has sparked my imagination in my efforts in home decorating for cheap. With all the creative ideas online, I have more projects I want to do than I can probably afford in tape. With all of the cute prints and colors, I want to tape up my entire home!

Deutsch: Japanisches Reispapierklbeband - Wash...

Deutsch: Japanisches Reispapierklbeband – Washi-Tape (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Wa-shi” means Japanese-paper. The tape is paper with a light amount of stickiness, slightly stickier than masking tape. Washi tape is a great material for easy home decorating. It is easy to remove from walls, so it is a good decoration for renters*.  Popular uses include taping pictures to walls and wall papering geometric designs. It comes in decorative colors and prints. The selection is endless. Washi tape can be found at craft stores and from online retailers.

*Then, one day I pulled some tape off my wall and this happened!washi accident

A few weeks ago I found this bookshelf abandoned near the dumpsters in my apartment complex. It now functions as a game shelf. We previously kept all of our games in the closet. Keeping the games out in the open makes them more accessible and more likely to be played with.

washi tape

The edges of the wood on the shelf were pretty badly beaten up. The wood finish was peeling from rain damage. It looked easy to fix. Continue reading

unikitty benny cosplay

Lego Cosplay – And my review on Midsouth Con 32

For our annual con-going experience, Hubble and I attended Mid South Con 32 in March 2014. We cosplayed as Unikitty and Benny, characters from The Lego Movie. I became something of a Lego nerd since seeing The Lego Movie. We got a bit obsessed, in fact. We now drink out of all eight of these regularly:

lego cups

Lego happy meal cups

Here are pictures of us in the gaming room. We played a three-hour board game! Tip: if you want to be comfortable in your costume all day/night or during a three hour game, don’t wear grease paint. It’s itchy and icky. I’d stay away from any face paint in general and use real make up in bright colors. I really don’t like bad textures on my face.

unikitty benny lego cosplay


Make sure your husband’s space helmet allows him to see from his periphery. If you skip that detail, he will still look cute, but you will have to assist him in turning around corners. Despite poor vision, Hubbernaut enjoyed himself, saying “Spaceship!” to unsuspecting passersby.

unikitty benny lego cosplay

Everything is AWESOME!

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