dress sewing project: little white dress

Dress Sewing Project #1: Little White Dress

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In an effort to sew my first Simplicity dress, and go all geeky DIY Star Trek on everyone at my wedding rehearsal and bachelorette party, I made a little white dress. Continue reading


Rose’s Tip of the Day #7: Simon and Garfunkel Chicken

Between our wedding gifts and Hubster’s personal contributions, I have some cool new toys cookware to play with! I got to try out the rotisserie for the first time tonight for cooking chicken legs.

Hubster shared a cute mnemonic device with to remember basic chicken seasoning:

“It’s Simon and Garfunkel chicken. What can you buy at Scarborough Fair?”

Parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme…

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Wedding Seating Chart: Tuxedo Style

creative wedding seating chart

Mom and The Explorer made my wedding seating chart with paper cutouts and poster board. I wanted a single board instead of an army of escort cards. Their tuxedo design came out beautifully. Each table was printed on the surrounding white papers with the table name, number, and guests.

The tuxedo design was made with:

printed lists of guests and table numbers on the perimeter,

ivory scrap book paper cut in rectangles and triangles for the shirt and collar,

ivory ribbon tied in a bow,

craft “gems” and glue,

one black poster board.

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wedding table numbers

Wedding Table Numbers with Photoshop

Hooray! Present-Day-Hubby and I are married, we had beautiful wedding, and a fun honeymoon road trip. Now that we are (mostly) settled in our apartment in Memphis, I have time to post our wedding crafts.

Here are our wedding table numbers. Along with a number, I named each table after a place that was significant to Hubby and I. I ‘painted’ illustrations with a Wacom Bamboo tablet in Photoshop. I printed the numbers on basic printer paper and placed them inside my DIY Blinged Out Photo Frames. Continue reading