Cleaning my room

This post serves as a confessional to how messy I can be. I worry that I wont maintain a nice home when Future-Huby and I are together. This needs to change. For now, we will focus on my bedroom.

Part of the problem is the amount of stuff I moved back with me on my exodus home from school. Part of the problem is I don’t get rid of stuff. I keep things until I have no room for more things; and then, I only get rid of what I need to.

This is not hoarding. I don’t compel myself to go out and acquire stuff. I’m just too lazy to take it upon myself to remove the stuff I no longer need.

In my bedroom, I have nearly a lifetime worth of memories embodied in things. I have pamphlets and flyers from college. I have accessories and jewelery from my teen years. I kept a few toys from childhood that I never found it possible to part with. I even have a file box of “important papers and resources“.

Don’t get me wrong. I got rid of things many times in my life. Most of my adolescent wardrobe made it to my cousins’ wardrobes or The Goodwill. Some of these things from childhood are either still in use (like the lava lamp) or just slipped through the cracks (like the Sailor Moon stationary).

I had to grok that I can not take my entire childhood bedroom with me. Furthermore, my parents are not going to leave my room intact as a shrine. When Future-Honey and I get married, we will truly separate from our parents and cleave to each other. We wont have “childhood bedrooms” because where ever we live will be our home. We will not be college students going “home” for the holidays anymore. Also, I have way too much junk to fit in one car.

I started my first wave of shuffling through stuff just to clean my room and be able to walk in the dark. I made two piles: keep and toss/donate. I photographed the items I found amusing or memorable to share with the internet. These are things I found away from their proper places.

Stuff I can not believe I haven’t tossed yet:

Stuff I can not believe I am going to keep:

I have until the end of the year to consolidate what I will take and leave on my journey to Memphis. I still have a lot of things to go through . Wish me luck!


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