An award? For me!? Accepting the Leibster Award!!!

I knew that cool blogs can get awards, but I didn’t know that this could happen to me, or so soon! The Leibster award is a way to recognize (and promote) small/new blogs. Through the lineage trail I followed of who nominated whom from my nominator and beyond, I found a link to this article explaining the Leibster award. Leibster is a German word with meanings along the lines of sweetly, kindly, and that warm and fuzzy feeling. I feel warm and fuzzy everywhere and I feel encouraged to blog more! I accept!

Gabriella, The Craft Queen, nominated me, and some other bloggers, for this award and sent a nice e-mail. I found her blog when referencing related posts through WordPress’ Zemanta feature on my post, DIY Blinged Out Photo Frames, which references her post, 33. DIY Wedding: Framed Table Numbers. Gabriella has a very nice collection of crafts that are well done and worthy projects. I love her separate DIY Wedding section, plus she’s a PhD Scientist, so I am flattered!

There are some things I need to do to get this right:

Acknowledge your nominator:

Gabriella, you are awesome! Thank you for your nomination. I really like your wedding section 🙂

Tell 11 facts about yourself, make them random:

1. I have never dyed my hair. Wash out costume hair-color gel doesn’t count. I don’t plan to dye my hair because I don’t want to miss any of the natural progression as my hair color changes; it’s already darkened in the last couple of years.

2. I have a somewhat conspiracy theory-esque distrust of smart phones. I don’t like how easy it is to access information on them. They are a great invention and very useful, but I can’t let myself get one because I am obsessive, impulsive, and I would use it too much. I visualize myself getting so absorbed into the quickness of it all, that my already sort attention span would atrophy further. I value being able to sit in a place without accessing something artificial, such as the speed of the Google. I mean, what you do on Google used to require a trip to the library, time accessing their catalogs, and more time reading a pile of books to find your answers. Digital speed erases that process. Sometimes the process needs to be remembered. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE what current technology can do, I just don’t trust myself carrying that much power in my pocket.

3. I used to run long distance for my high school and community college cross-country and track teams. I raced the 5k and 10k in track.

4. I’m left-handed.

5. My favorite color is orange. I am particular about my orange though. Traffic cone orange isn’t pretty to me. I like pumpkin orange and citrus orange.

6. My first ever job where I signed a contract and got paid what that of a puppeteer. I worked two days for a one week show since I was an understudy. My mom and her friend hired me.

7. Piet Mondrian is my favorite painter. I was mesmerized the first time I saw a drawing of his, Pier and Ocean (1914). I didn’t know who the artist was or the title, but I loved it. Later, I was in awe (jaw dropping during 2D Form and Design lecture type of awe) when I saw his Broadway Boogie Woogie (1942-43). It was a long time after claiming him as my favorite artist that I made the connection with Pier and Ocean.

Broadway Boogie Woogie, 1942-43, Oil on canvas...

Broadway Boogie Woogie, 1942-43, Oil on canvas, 50 x 50″ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

8. I built my relationship with my fiancée by playing Magic: The Gathering.

9. I met my dream guy while working at a girls’ summer camp.

10. The Running Rose started as a doodle in a card to a friend.

11. I am a Christian. This is a very important random fact. I love Jesus and what He has done for me. He has done the same for you too.

Answer your nominator’s 11 questions:

1. If you could have dinner with one person (dead or alive) who would it be, and why?

When I was in the ninth grade, I answered this question with Benjamin Franklin. I really don’t know why I wanted to meet Franklin. He was smart and a notable historical person. Today, I would like to meet Mel Brooks. I love his comedy. His movies are so stupid-funny that I find them inspiring and brilliant. I also love Woody Allen’s movies, but I don’t really want to meet him.

2. If you could pick anyone to switch closets with, who would you pick?

Diane Keaton. Once she started her Annie Hall look, she kept it up.

Film poster for Annie Hall - Copyright 1977, U...

Film poster for Annie Hall – Copyright 1977, United Artists (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

3. What do you do to relax after a long, hectic day?

I go on the internet. I spend most of that time on Pinterest. I tell myself I am doing something productive. That is why I have this blog.

4. If you could pick a different name for yourself, what would it be?

I am changing my last name in a month and a half, does that count? 😉

5. What one destination is a must on your list of travel plans?

Memphis, Tennessee. Considering I am moving at the end of the year, it is quite necessary.

Okay, for the bucket list answer I know you meant, I want to visit the Smithsonian Institute.

I also want to see:

Graceland (easily accessible considering my current life plan), New York City, Tokyo (although I would be a claustrophobic wreck), to have tea in the London Ritz (I don’t think that will be plausible), and to see a live Olympic event, even if it’s something random like curling.

6. If you could work in any field (money and degrees required don’t matter), what would be your profession of choice?

Fine arts and new media. I would have to learn more to gain enough skill.

7. Who is your favorite cartoon character?

Sailor Moon

8. Can you speak more than one language?  If so, which ones?

No. Just English.

9. Righty or lefty?


10. If you had a superpower, what would it be?

I would like to fly. That one would be the most enjoyable.

11. Coffee or tea?

Coffee in a tea-cup.

Nominate more blogs

The rules say nominate 11 who have 200 or fewer followers. The 200 followers part is hard to keep up with because on some blogs, I can’t find how many followers they have and others may be linked with their Facebook accounts, counting each friend contact as a follow, like mine does.

These are my Leibster nominations. Each blog has drawn me in when I viewed their posts and about sections. I tried to choose blogs that seem small/smallish, personal, or have a very good thesis statement to their blogging purpose. By nominating these bloggers, I want to say “I like what you are doing. I am happy that the internet has been graced with your writing.”

Surrender Makes Us Beautiful– This blog is the writer’s spiritual thoughts directly expressed on an anonymous blog. I know the writer personally, and will respect this person’s wish to keep his or her blog anonymous. But, my friend, you are doing something good. I like what God says through you in real life and online. Write more posts, please.

EdTech Avenger– This blog has a wealth of information and resources for technology literacy educators. I think the field of education is very important and very fun. It surprises me that his blog only reports a few followers. More people need to read this guy’s blog!

-by their fruit- I know this person too; we were in the same college ministry. Sarah has a warm and personal writing style. Her blog is a very enjoyable to read. Although her blog is not new and has a large number of followers, I like her writing and want to extend her the Leibster award.

Simply Made Kitchen and Crafts– The blogger describes her blog as “a recipe diary for my children, extended family and maybe even a few friends.” (Simply Made Kitchen and Crafts) Talk about function and purpose for a blog! She has some great recipes and even information on what one needs in his or her kitchen. I don’t know how big or small this blog is, but her blog makes me happy enough to nominate for the Leibster Award.

Life and Day to Day Things By a Pond Lover– This man’s writing makes me happy. Once again, I don’t know if he has a small or large following, but I find his blog fit for this award. His poetry and stories are all gentle and kind.

Gracelandia– This blogger writes a cool cooking blog with some hearty looking meals. A lot of her posts reference life in his apartment that he calls “Graceland”. I found her blog when I pinged back to his blog post when using the Zemanta feature on WordPress.

Ask your nominees 11 questions

1. Tell me a bit about the title of your blog.

2. What do you write about on your blog?

3. How do you seek inspiration for your posts?

4. Do you use a blogging schedule or other tools to help you blog? What works for you?

5. What TV, radio, podcast, etc. shows do you follow?

6. What do you read? Do you read for fun or for work/school? Both? Do you read books or articles?

7. What is your favorite music to listen to?

8. What was your first pet’s name?

9. What do you do for a living?

10. What causes or current issues do you care most about?

11. What is your favorite thing that has gone viral on the internet?

Contact your nominees and inform them that they win!


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