gamer wedding favors

Gamer Wedding Favors

Future-Honey Bunny’s and my dice wedding favors are based on something significant to us: playing games.

Each guest gets two dice and instructions to a simple dice rolling game to play at their tables. The dice rolling at the tables may or may not turn chaotic during dinner, but the idea is interactive and very affordable. Continue reading to see exactly what I bought.

I did all of my shopping online. Here’s what I bought:

white baggies

Click picture to link to Amazon.

3×4 White Organza Wedding Party Favor Bags- Package of 100 on Amazon.

pound o d6

Two “Pound-O-D6’s” dice from Chessex. I found them on Ebay. Two pounds (two orders) will provide about two dice per guest for a 100 guest party. The dice come in assorted size, color and quality. I counted 214 dice total from my two bags. My junior bridesmaid cousins had fun pairing the dice by color.

I chose three games for variety: Pig, Beetle, and Farkel. I looked up instructions and paraphrased what I found on my own little note cards. I printed them through Microsoft Word; yes, I used clip art. I saved money and printed the games half-page size on regular printer paper.

wedding dice favor pig

wedding dice favor beetle

wedding dice favor farkle

My total spending on the favors would roughly calculate to $30.00 with shipping and tax accounted for. The bags were about $5.00 and the dice were about $20.00. Prices fluctuate on Amazon and I saw a special for two pound O’ D’s for as low as $13.00! Where was I when that happened?

Future-Honey and I became friends through playing games together. Magic: The Gathering was our thing we did together that first special summer when we worked at the camp.

Outside of the summer camp world, Future-Hubby is an all around gamer. He LARPs, plays board games, and he plays in Magic tournaments regularly. I started playing Magic a few months before I met Uhg when a good friend in my college dorm taught me.

My Dice Box

My Dice Box (Photo credit: heath_bar)

Future-Hubster collects dice. He carries a bead-box with separators full of his dice collection with his card decks to gaming events. He has every kind of die you can ask for while playing. He even has his special two-sided die in his collection, a penny 😛 Future-Hubby’s collections looks very much like the picture on the right. –>

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