Rose’s Tip of the Day #6: Soup (a family secret)

When using potatoes in a soup, nuke the potatoes in a microwave for thirty seconds before adding them to the soup pot.

Maybe it’s because we always cook our soup on a medium low temperature, but our potatoes that were not pre-heated never come out soft enough when the rest of the soup is done.

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Cleaning my room

This post serves as a confessional to how messy I can be. I worry that I wont maintain a nice home when Future-Huby and I are together. This needs to change. For now, we will focus on my bedroom.

Part of the problem is the amount of stuff I moved back with me on my exodus home from school. Part of the problem is I don’t get rid of stuff. I keep things until I have no room for more things; and then, I only get rid of what I need to.

This is not hoarding. I don’t compel myself to go out and acquire stuff. I’m just too lazy to take it upon myself to remove the stuff I no longer need.

In my bedroom, I have nearly a lifetime worth of memories embodied in things. I have pamphlets and flyers from college. I have accessories and jewelery from my teen years. I kept a few toys from childhood that I never found it possible to part with. I even have a file box of “important papers and resources“. Continue reading

An award? For me!? Accepting the Leibster Award!!!

I knew that cool blogs can get awards, but I didn’t know that this could happen to me, or so soon! The Leibster award is a way to recognize (and promote) small/new blogs. Through the lineage trail I followed of who nominated whom from my nominator and beyond, I found a link to this article explaining the Leibster award. Leibster is a German word with meanings along the lines of sweetly, kindly, and that warm and fuzzy feeling. I feel warm and fuzzy everywhere and I feel encouraged to blog more! I accept!

Gabriella, The Craft Queen, nominated me, and some other bloggers, for this award and sent a nice e-mail. Continue reading

gamer wedding favors

Gamer Wedding Favors

Future-Honey Bunny’s and my dice wedding favors are based on something significant to us: playing games.

Each guest gets two dice and instructions to a simple dice rolling game to play at their tables. The dice rolling at the tables may or may not turn chaotic during dinner, but the idea is interactive and very affordable. Continue reading to see exactly what I bought. Continue reading