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Easy Halloween Nails and some tricks that are a real treat

For Halloween season, I completed my first ever successful “nail art”. This design is the easiest one I could find. All you need is the right polish colors and a dotting tool. Instead of buying an item marketed for nail art, I used a kebab skewer. My hand is not the most coördinated at fine painting, I went for the simple. My only real challenge was waiting for my nails to dry. I used some principles from my Pin on my Nails board: 27 nail polish tricks which links to a list on Buzzfeed.com. The design came from a Pin on my Nails board as well.

From the Buzzfeed list, I used these tips,

  • #1 Use ice water to dry nails – Works well. Make sure the surface of your nail polish is already dry. The cold temperature helps the rest of the nail polish to freeze and harden. It helped with my impatience that leads to smudging my nicely done nails.
  • #11 Painting diagram– I painted with this method. Time will tell if my polish stays longer. It went on smoothly.
  • #13 Apply thin coats – I always do this, but the trick is to let each coat dry so they don’t turn to one thick, wet coat. Use the water technique above to move things along faster.
  • #20 Lick partly dry polish to fix a smudge – I did this out of desperation. I smudged my nail, remembered what I read on the internet, and licked it. Our parents teach us at a young age not to put foreign substances in our mouths, like toxic nail polish. We are also taught, at a slightly more mature age not to believe and try every thing you find on the internet. This tip would be one of those things. I brought myself to try this one because the surface of the paint was dry, it didn’t leave any polish to wash off my tongue, and I am impulsive. The worst part: it works! The surface of my tongue smoothed out the smudge nicely.
  • #27 Don’t sit near a fan – I didn’t have a fan blowing at the moment, so I technically achieved this one 😛
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