DIY sparkly photo frames

DIY Sparkly Wedding Photo Frames

This Fall 2013, is trending cute picture frames numbering reception tables, providing cake flavor info, and even giving instructions to sign the guest book (sign our guest book, please!). As info-graphic-y as it may all seem, I think frames are a cute way to display all info and adds continuity throughout the reception room if all frames match. Frames are cozier than tall table number picks. I like the subtle intimacy of home when I see anything in a photo frame (even menu options). These frames are going to hold my table numbers. Read on for my DIY frame craft.

I had two options: buy cute frames like the ones in my local craft store for eight dollars a piece or make them myself for way cheaper. I opted for DIY, except I didn’t do it myself. I let my kid cousins have the fun.

The girls, 11 and 13 years old, are my honored junior bridesmaids. Decorating frames would give them a fun craft during my invitation addressing party. I bought simple black, silver, and copper color frames from the “dollar” store. I provided plastic gems (from Dollar Tree) and gem tack (already had it. Probably from Michael’s.) I told the girls to glue the gems in a line around the entire frame. The instructions leave no space for creativity, so I knew I would get exactly the product I want (it sounds so unethical as an artist). They came out beautifully, thanks to my cousins’ skills.

DIY bling frames

Craft store frames: $96 for 12 frames.

DIY frames: $12 for twelve frames + $1 for sparkly gems + Gem Tac (Joann Fabrics; Michael’s doesn’t list prices online.) $7.49 4oz = $20.49


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