Rose’s Tip of the Day #1: Share your food

rose tip 1 Give your neighbors food.

I live the suburban dream because I have the best next door neighbors anyone can ever ask for. My neighbors have lived next door to my family for about sixteen years and in that time became my family’s closest friends. My neighbor has a habit, or tradition, of bringing food over when she has good left overs.  Every now and then, she will knock on the door and say, “I made fried rice; here’s some for you.” If someone in my family is very ill, she might show up with dinner. When I had laryngitis, she showed up with spiced tea. One time, she had enough of an entrée that I was pretty sure she made extra just to make sure we can have some too.

Every time my neighbor brings us food, or invites us to dinner, I feel that she is taking care of us and I feel that we are loved. she communicates her caring and love by sharing. So, I decided to pick up a new habit: when I make something I’m proud of, bring a slice next door.


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