How to Host a Banana Theme Party

Here is a step-by-step how-do guide on hosting your very own banana theme party. A banana party is a great way to gather friends and play Bananagrams, eat banana smoothies, and go bananas!

I love hosting parties. Parties, to me, represent ultimate success in enjoying a home. When hosting a party, you have friends and family together in one place, the house is clean, and good food is on the table. A party is a time for people to relax and enjoy each other. The love I felt from my friends and family on my recent birthday party is the reason I consider a party a special achievement in self domestication. It defines my thesis perfectly:  home + people + love = domestication.

I love to plan parties. I especially love dreaming of parties with weird themes; the kind you have never been to before.

Since I was about sixteen, I wanted to have a “fish movie marathon”. Why fish? Because it’s different and because my party guests can snack on Goldfish crackers and Swedish Fish candy while watching Finding Nemo.

When The Explorer sent me the game Bananagrams as a birthday gift (it is meant to hold me over until she returns Apples to Apples that she took with her to college.) I decided to throw a banana theme potluck for my close group of friends.

The remainder of this post will demonstrate how to throw a banana party. You can use these principles to throw any other weird party with narrow interests.

Step One:

Have a reason for your theme. My whole reason for my banana party was to play Bananagrams.

bananagrams banana party

Step Two:

Invite friends and get them excited for the theme. “Guys! I’m having a banana party so we can play Bananagrams in style. We’re gonna go BANANAS!”

I recommend making a Facebook event. That way you can spam your friends with videos like these on your event wall:

Step Three:

Provide theme food. This is easy if your theme is a food. It’s even easier (and more fun) when you make it a potluck. There is more variety and less pressure when your friends show up with recipes you might not of thought of. For instance, my friend Phil fried plantains with brown sugar. I didn’t see that one coming.

Here’s what we ate:

banana party banana bread

Banana bread made by yours truly

banana party banana chips

Banana chips bought by yours truly

banana party

Erin brought strawberry banana smoothie and mango banana juice.

banana party

Phil went “bananas” with this party.

banana party

He made banana splits and…

banana party plantains

…fried bananas with brown sugar! Yum.

banana party bananagrams

We ate banana food and played Bananagrams in style.

Step Four

Decorate. I used a yellow party table cover on the dining room table and yellow napkins. Use lots of yellow. If you use paper ware, party stores/sections of your grocery market often have monkey theme paper ware, and monkeys are usually pictured with bananas!

Step Five

Make it “punny.” Tell banana jokes.

What did the banana say before he crossed the road?

“Yo, dude; I gotta split.”

(I made that one up myself.)

Watch funny bananas that have gone viral on YouTube. Sing banana songs. If you ever worked at a summer camp, you are sure to know some banana themed songs. Bananas of the world unite!

Step Six

Dress the part. Wear yellow! If you are bold, wear a banana costume (I’m not that bold.)

banana party

Final Step

Relax and have fun. Don’t expect your party to stay pure to the theme. Don’t be surprised if mid-conversation about bananas in pop culture, your friend searches ‘world’s ugliest animal’ on his smart phone and next-thing-you-know everyone is doing blob fish impressions.


I ended up heating up some lasagna so we could have a balanced meal because all of our banana recipes were desserts. After playing a few round of Bananagrams, we watched the season premier of Once Upon a Time in Wonderland and just hung out. The point of a party is to have fun with friends and family, not to be a banana purist.

My banana party was a success. I made a step in independence by hosting a get-together on my own. My friends and I had a good time.

Have a happy theme party!

warhol banana

Bananas in pop culture

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