T-Shirt Remix Craft: Sleeves and Neckline

Here is my first remixed t-shirt utilizing ideas and tutorials I pinned to my Pinterest board: T-Shirt Re-Mix To-Do List. I used a tutorial from Stellar Mother’s No Sew T-Shirt Refashion. Check out her blog.

I did this shirt sort of as a test before I remix an old Sailor Moon shirt that I don’t want to risk accidentally destroying. I will do a few more shirts to try different techniques before I move on to the Sailor Moon shirt. I like the way my current shirt came out.

IMG_2581 IMG_2583

I used this “got ham?” family reunion t-shirt as my first demo. I thought I wouldn’t be too attached because we have more Ham shirts in my house hold, but I found myself spending a lot of time choosing a re-fashion that wouldn’t ruin the shirt. I chose this shirt because I want to make it so I will want to wear my shirt more. Our beloved family matriarch, Grandma Ham, passed away  one month ago. This t-shirt project quickly became very important to me.

Cut along edge of collar.

Cut along edge of collar. If you cut well, the collar can be used as a head band.

My first step was to remove the collar. This opens up the shirt for a more feminine look. I only cut around the collar and no wider because I wanted my shirt to still look finished and to not over-do it like the pep-squad shirt girls cut up for tail gate parties in college.  Not pictured: I later hemmed the collar so it wouldn’t stretch further. I used an embroidery stitch for fun.


Cut off hem from the edge of each sleeve.

Snip open the loop you just cut from your sleeve.

Snip open the loop you just cut from your sleeve.

Next, I cut off the sleeve edges. Keep these; you will use them.

IMG_2591 IMG_2592

I cut open the top fold of the remaining sleeve to the shoulder.


Now, here’s the fun part. Take the sleeve edges you cut off and saved earlier and tie one around each shoulder of your t-shirt. Mine were not the right length to tie a bow, but I double knotted them and the look cute and bow-like enough.


My living room makes a better self-pic shot than my bathroom.

I can’t stand to take bathroom mirror selfie pics when no one is around to photograph me, so I moved a large wall hanging mirror to my living room.


I had a bit of fun with this mirror picture taking process.


I look cool.

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